How To Get Involved

How can I get more involved?

There are lots of ways to support the Fairness Commission and its work.

• Become a member of the Fairness Commission

Show your support, and be the first to hear about news, projects and events. (need a new simplified Commissioner-style form here)

• We hold two open events a year, and everyone is welcome to attend.

The details will be posted online and via Twitter and Facebook0.00 We will also supply other local media with the details.

• Make a contribution to one of task groups we set up to consider specific issues

Look out for more information on the news page for any new groups we’re setting up.

• You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook

We share information from other Fairness Commissions around the country, the national and regional coverage of  social and economic stories that catch our eye as well as what’s happening in Blackpool.

• Let the Steering Panel know what issues of fairness especially concern you about living, working and learning in Blackpool

Email the panel members at for raise issues for discussion and action.

• Get more involved in your local area

The Fairness Commission is supporting the launch of a new leaflet that lists many ways to get involved in local life, and make Blackpool a better place to live. Local people can get involved in direct decision making, shaping and developing council services and giving feedback. 

A copy of the leaflet can be downloaded here: How To Get Involved – Fairness Commission

You can also find out more about
Volunteering with Lancashire Police  (
Healthwatch – the local champion for health and social care (


2 thoughts on “How To Get Involved

    • Hi John

      The Task & Finish Groups meet at a variety of times and frequencies. They are closed meetings to members of the Groups, if you are interested in getting involved, let us know what your interested in groups are – Communication & Engagement, Welfare Reform, Child Poverty, Night-time Economy and Early Action and I will speak to the Chair of the relevant group to get you involved. If you email us your response at that’d be great thanks.

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